Analyzing the state of the Basic Health Units of Brazil (UBS) using Python for Data Science

This work was developed during the “Python IMD challenge” happened on 10/21/2017 with Igor, Ricardo, Luiza and me. The competition purpose was to develop a project involving Data Science during 5 hours. Our goal focused on choosing something impactful and at the same time simple to be developed in the short given time. We were very happy to know that we won the first position in the competition at the end! The prize is a free ticket to the national Python event that is going to happen next year.


Without further ado, let’s talk about the project itself!

During our searches for datasets about various topics, we found the national website which contains numerous pre-formatted data about national interests:

The subject that called our attention was about the Basic Health Units of Brazil (Unidade básica de saúde), which are small public hospitals basically. The dataset had some interesting columns that we thought could bring an important conclusion, for example, the hospitals coordinates and their evaluation about different aspects like the hospital structure and medical supplies.

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